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Caltrans and the Construction Industry are committed to making partnering the way we do business. Partnering promotes open and honest communication, trust, understanding and teamwork. The field guide is written for both Caltrans and contractor personnel working at the project level to convey Caltrans and industry commitment to partnering, to define responsibilities for partnering, and to provide tools for successful partnering.


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Caltrans has been partnering on its construction projects since before 1992. Over these past eighteen plus years, there have been several “lessons learned.” In 2007 the Caltrans Construction Partnering Steering Committee (CCPSC) approved improvements to the partnering program upon which the updated Caltrans Partnering Program is based and the 2008 Field Guide to Partnering on Caltrans Projectswas developed. The Fundamental of Partnering workshop will walk the participants through the September 2008 version of the Field Guide to Partnering on Caltrans Construction Projects. Participants will gain an understanding of why partnering is important for the success of their projects and learn what the Caltrans Partnering Program now requires or recommends and why. The goal for this workshop is to provide the foundation for a full and consistent implementation of the Caltrans Partnering Program by both Caltrans and Industry project team members."

Caltrans Partnering Awards - 2014 Applications due to the District Construction Offices by January 17, 2014 Statewide-level Awards for Completed Projects: District-level Awards for On-going Projects:

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