Divison of Construction


Dispute Resolution Advisor Candidates List

*For Information not shown, contact Andy Alvarado, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Engineer at (916) 653-8633 or andy_alvarado@dot.ca.gov


Name Brief Summary of Experience Job Locations willing to Travel to: Telephone No. E-mail Resume
Anderson, Norman DRB member or project neutral on over 80 projects in the western USA.  Also, served as either the Contractor's or Agency's representative in dispute resolution. Anywhere in California (360) 754-3819 normananderson@msn.com Yes
Baker, Bill Civil Engineer: Arbitrator/Mediator in construction industry for nearly 40 years. DRB Member on more that 40 projects, over 20 as Chair on Caltrans projects. Anywhere in California (707) 253-8221 wbbaker1@comcast.net Yes
Bauer, Carl F. 50 years of experience in the Construction Industry, including 30 in executive positions. Served on 26 DRBs, 6 as Chairman. Anywhere in California (916) 944-2843 c.bauer@sbcglobal.net Yes
Biffel, Bob 37 years with Caltrans. Registered Civil Engineer. Ex-Division of Construction District Coordinator for districts 3, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Districts 3 and 10 and Eastern District 4 & Solano Co. (209) 369-1819 bjbiffel@comcast.net Yes
Brown, Rolland J. 39 1/2 years with Caltrans as Resident Engineer and Senior Construction Engineer on heavy grading and multi-stage highway projects including bridges. Handled CCO's and Claim Reports. Member of the DRB Foundation and actively working on DRB boards. Anywhere in California except LA Proper (805) 466-1900 brown5690@sbcglobal.net Yes
Bullock, Warren 39 years heavy construction contracting experience. 60 DRBs both Owner and Contractor appointee, 28 as Chair. Public Works contracts in California 48, other States 12. Participated in 111 dispute hearings. Anywhere in California (707) 829-7822 warrenbullock54@comcast.net Yes
Clough, Russell G. See web site Within 100 miles of Palo Alto, unless it is a unique job (650) 814-0266 (cell)
(650) 723-3926 (Stanford)
russellgclough@gmail.com Yes
Covello, Joe More than 45 years working for both contractors and construction consultants. Projects include a wide variety including highways and bridges. Have served on DRBs and as a DRA. Bay Area, Northern CA (925) 933-2300 jcovello@covellogroup.com *
Feller, Jack Over 50 year in construction industry. Arbitrator, Expert Witness, DRBs on Highways, Bridges, Buildings, Tunnels, Water Treatment Plants and Seismic Retrofit Projects. Northern California (530) 273-6503 jlfeller14@att.net Yes
Fichtelman, R. Troy 27 yrs experience in Public Works contracting. This experience includes contract administration and management, financial management, Arbitrator, Mediator, DRB Member or Chair for Government agencies and private firms. Kern, Orange, Kings, San Bernardino, San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, Inyo, Los Angeles (760) 212-8487 troy.fichtelman@cox.net Yes
Foley, James W. 25 years+ experience: arbitrations, mediations, Dispute Resolution Boards, and Project Neutral (DRA). Licensed Civil, Structural, Geotechnical, Engineer; General Contractor (A&B).  38 years+ experience:  engineering/construction. Anywhere in California (408) 777-9917 jim@jimfoley.com Yes
Goode, John W. 40+ years experience in heavy, highway and marine construction. Anywhere in California (858) 699-5355 (cell) jonybgd1@gmail.com Yes
Graebe, Fred Engineer,Attorney: Caltrans - 20 years construction engineer, 29 years attorney in construction claims resolution. Was certified Arbitrator. DRB member/chairman on 44 projects (34 Caltrans). Northern California (916) 443-7219 Fgraebe@aol.com Yes
Graham, Bob 42 years experience in  design, construction, traffic engineering, and building construction, 37 years with Caltrans, 5 years with Bechtel . Service on 7 DRB's Anywhere in California (650) 967-9115 grahamre@comcast.net *
Harris, Guy G. Professional Civil Engineer, Expert Witness, CPM Scheduler, Construction Claims Resolver, Contract Administrator, Specifications Writer, Farmer, Mechanic, Fabricator. Anywhere in California (530) 701-2360 guygharris@yahoo.com Yes
Holt, Ernie Specializing in Bridge Construction Projects including segmental construction; Member DRBF; proficient in Caltrans Contract Administration procedures. Served on 60 DRBs, Chaired 4, 4 DRAs; DRBF/Caltrans Trainer 2008-2010. Anywhere in California (925) 798-5592 eeholt@earthlink.net Yes
Hughes, Ed 40 years of construction experience, Dillingham, Kasler, Washington Construction and Morrison Knudsen. Construction Consultant 1998-2007. Participant in 15 DRB's, 2 as chairman BSCE Southern California, San Francisco, and Sacramento (602) 300-3364 EDHUGHES4@msn.com Yes
Immel, Jack F. 10 yrs Heavy Highway Construction Consultant, Dispute Resolution Board, Expert Witness for Caltrans Legal Division, Prime Contractors, and Contractors State License Board (Industry Expert), Hazardous Waste Supervisor, AdjunctProfessor Caltrans Estimating (Graduate CE Course @ USC 5 years), Contractors License A532727.  45 years  (VP, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Senior Estimator) of Upper Management  Supervision (Griffith Company, Granite Construction, A. J. Diani and Sully Miller): 40 % Heavy Highway Estimating, 60 % Heavy Highway (Freeway and Bridge) Site Construction. All of California (909) 336-1991

(949) 981-0633 Cell


Jacobs, John 45 yrs construction experience for contractor and owner - 35 years with Dillingham/Gordon H. BAll of CA and Kiewit. Heavy, highway, underground and building projects. Positions include Project Engineer/Manager, Estimator, VP Operations, and President/CEO. Served on 16 DRBs as a Member (14) and Chairman (2) Marin, San Mateo, Contra Costa, Napa, San Francisco, Santa Clara Solano, Santa Cruz, Sonoma 925-314-9599 jacobsconsult@gmail.com Yes
Keating, Joseph M 40 yrs experience working for engineers/contractors in all phases of heavy construction work. Since 1973 have worked as a consulting engineer in estimating, project planning, design, value engineering. 12 DRBs as member/chairman (22 disputes). Trainer for DRB Foundation. Northern California and Eastern Sierras (530) 622-9013
(530) 305-1370 cell
joekeating@sbcglobal.net Yes
Konrath, Joseph "Paul" 46 years in the Construction Industry, including 30 years in management and supervisory positions. Served on numerous DRB boards and DRA. DRBF and DRA Certified. All of California (661) 477-2201 jpk1940@sbcglobal.net No
Merle Larrabee 41+ total years with Caltrans. 28+ in Hwy. Const. (Surveys to Div. Chief). Participant in numerous DRBF Workshops. Served or serving on 31 DRB’s - Chairman of 9 - Numerous hearings. Districts 1 through 6, 9 and 10 (916) 685-5825 larrabee@surewest.net Yes
Lewis, Richard (Dick) I have been an advocate of DRB's and Partnering since their inception. Have served on 23 DRB's, 16 on Caltrans contracts, 12 as chairman. Southern California (760) 839-6197; CELL (760) 212-2252 dicklewis1@cox.net Yes
Maasberg, Ron I have participated on 16 DRB's to date. Northern California (408) 253-3626 rmaasberg@sbcglobal.net Yes
Mace, Louis Experienced being a sole arbitrator on several construction projects. 15 years of serving on a variety of DRB projects. My construction background gives me experience in a variety of construction projects. Southern California 760 328-8933 loumace@aol.com Yes
Martin, Jerry Forty-two years with Caltrans. Registered Civil Engineer. Construction Division Chief Headquarters’ Construction Coordinator. Construction Engineer. Chaired many Caltrans’ Boards of Resolution. Member several DRBs. Anywhere in California, except remote areas of Districts 8 and 11 (916) 988-9243 j_m_martin95630@yahoo.com Yes
Martin, Jimmie Started in DRB process in 1995. To date have served on over 100 DRB or DRA boards, State and Federal. Currently chairman on four boards. San Bernardino, Riverside, Imperial and Kern Counties (760) 345-0072 jdmartin29@verizon.net Yes
McCracken, David L Forty five years construction experience, from laborer to company president. Served on 34 DRB’s, seven as chairman. Currently work as consultant, nationally, to DOT’s and design engineers on project construct ability and costs. Anywhere in California (707) 253-8707 mccnapa@att.net Yes
McGowan, Matthew (Tim) Has served on over 24 DRBs, including the Carquinez Suspension Bridge, new Benicia Segmental Bridge, Devil's Slide Bridge and Highway 205 Widening, near Tracy. Life Member - American Society of Civil Engineers. Northern California (415) 453-8013 phmmbm@comcast.net Yes
Mehtlan, Jon 40 years with Caltrans, 6 years in surveys and 36 years with Structure Construction. 6 years as a construction management consultant and member of 40 plus DRBs Anywhere in California (760) 471-6254
(760) 744-5988
jmehtlan111@gmail.com Yes
Meler, Ron Over 35 years experience in the construction industry, laborer to VP Operations Sundt Construction. Held management positions for general contractors for over 26 years. Currently provides construction operations consulting, dispute resolution and scheduling services. Teaches Construction Ethics, Law and Contracts at SDSU. Anywhere in California (619) 540-6502 rmeler@rwmconsult.com Yes
Murphy, Jay Twenty-six years experience as a Steel Bridge Fabricator and Erector. Chairperson of Dispute Resolution Boards. Former Arbitrator on California Public Works Contracts Anywhere in California (510) 652-9264 jp.murphy@sbcglobal.net Yes
Nugteren, Bill Fields of expertise are Tunnels, Bridges, Roads, Earthworks, Utility work and Mechanical. Well acquainted with contracts, contractual obligations, changed conditions, entitlement, time matters and cost. Within 150 miles from Palo Alto, CA unless special arrangements are made (650) 493-8177 wnugteren@aol.com *
Peterson, Dan 10 years, State of California, Division of Highways; 18 years, General Engineering Contractor, highway projects; and 22 years, Construction Consultant - highway projects and Dispute Resolution Boards. All of central and southern California from San Luis Obispo to Mono County - south to San Diego County (626) 446-3117 djpco@earthlink.net Yes
Reading, Ron 40 years of progressive experience in heavy civil engineering construction with an extensive background in project management. Anywhere in California (925) 820-9131 r-mreading@msn.com Yes
Roberts, Nian B.S. in CE, A &B Contractors Licenses and RE. 36 years with Teichert Organization. VP experienced in construction as well as Aggregate, Asphalt, and RMC Operations. Served on over 45 DRBs and chaired over one half of them. Central or Northern California (916) 489-8247 nian@dslextreme.com Yes
Steele, Jay I have served on 50 Dispute Resolution Boards, 20 as the Chairman and 30 as a DRB member. Anywhere in California (760) 347-9209; (760) 831-2727 (cell) jay_steele@hotmail.com Yes
Thomas, Hugh Retired after 39 years with Caltrans, 26 years with different construction functions throughout the state. Served as member or chairman on 138 DRBs, DRA on several contracts.
Anywhere in California (530) 673-9788 thomashu@comcast.net Yes
Warrener, Douglas 46 years experience working in most phases of the construction of freeways, interchanges, bridges, AC & PCCP paving, airports, dams and consulting on the above. Anywhere in California (916) 987-6783
(916)205-1081 (cell)
warrenerdn@comcast.net Yes