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Mass Transportation
23 CFR 200; 49 CFR 21; UMTA Cir. 4702.1
The Mass Transportation Program is responsible for the administration of State and
Federal Programs. These programs provide funding and technical assistance for mass
transportation operating assistance and capital improvement projects, including
the development of inter-modal facilities that serve the movement of people. It is
responsible for services involving buses and certain types of vans, including demandresponsive
services for the disabled and commuter and urban rail services and the
improvement, acquisition and other capital expenditures associated with waterborne
ferry operations for the transportation of passengers and/or vehicles.

Planning and Project Development Process
Refer to the “Requirements for All Programs” and “Emphasis Programs” requirements
sections for guidance. Because Mass Transportation is an external program, the focus
will be placed on oversight, monitor and review. Approach the discussions requirements
from an oversight perspective with the exception of the “Contract/Grants/Permits/Loans
Assurances” and “Complaint Handling” sections which may directly apply.

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