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These guidelines emphasize the planning and project delivery processes of the State transportation system and are in accordance with FHWA requirements. Particular emphasis will be placed on five program areas: Planning, Environmental, Right of Way, Construction and Research.

Supporting guidance on Authorities, Definitions, Glossary of Terms, Preventing Discrimination in the Federal Aid Program, Public Notice, Public Involvement, Contract/Grants/Permits/Loans Assurances, Complaint Handling, Annual Report Format, Data Collection, Native Americans, LEP DOT Guidance and Resources can be found in the appendix section of the Guidelines.

The discussions that follow have been developed to address primary areas of concern regarding compliance with Title VI requirements by program. The Emphasis Programs must consider and integrate them into their processes/procedures, activities and services. In addition to these requirements, the considerations and requirements discussed in the “Requirements for All Programs” section must also be integrated.

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