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What is a Third Party Challenge?

Any individual, business enterprise, state, federal, local entity or employee may challenge a firm that they believe to be ineligible for the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program.

The Office of Business & Economic Opportunity must recieve a written communique from the challenging party and must identify both parties (challenged and challenger) and include the challenger's name, address and a summary of the issues (lack of ownership, and/or control, inextricable ties, etc.). This summary must contain relevant information supporting the challenger's contection that the challenged firm does not meet the eligibility standards set forth in Code of Federal Regulations under 49CFR 23.53.

For more detailed information, please contact Jerone Edwards.

What is the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Annual Directory?

It is the listing of all firms certified under the California Unified Certification Program (CUCP). The Directory lists each firm, including address, phone number, and the type of work the firm has been certified to perform. The Directory is revised annually, listing all firms certified throughout the year by certifying agencies in the CUCP and makes updated information available to contractors and the public.

Firms appearing in the Directory should always have their certifications verified by contacting the Office of Business & Economic Opportunity in Sacramento or the certifying agency listed. The Annual Directory contains a County Code List, NAICS Codes, Work Category Code List, Certified Firms Doing Business as (DBA) Reports, and Work Category Code cross-referenced with DBAs Report.

Disclaimer: It is the list userís responsibility to verify all pertinent information prior to bid opening. CAlTRANS in no way represents or implies the degree of capability that the items(s) of work identified by the certified DBE can or will be performed. Similar information is stored on the CUCP Database for Internet accesses users via Website: The database is updated daily, and additional firms are added or deleted from the CUCP database daily.

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) list is published annually at the single-issue cost of $20.00 per edition- includes handling, tax and postage, and is available on January. The CUCP does not place Directory orders; therefore, all inquiries for the Directory orders should be directed to the Caltrans Publications Unit.