California Department of Transportation

Division of Audits and Investigations

Indirect Cost Allocation Plan (ICAP)/Indirect Cost Rate Proposals (ICRP) Submission Process for Local Government Agency's

The California department of Transportation (Department) with the cooperation of Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) implemented a streamlined approach to processing the Local Government Agency's ICAPs/ICRPs. Effective July 1, 2011, the Department issued a rate acceptance letter within 30 business days of receipt of an ICAP/ICRP that meets the submission requirement of 2 Code of Federal Regulation Part 225. Please, review and/or complete the following required documents for ICAP/ICRP submissions:


ICAP/ICRP Submission Process

Attachment A (Process Flowchart)

Attachment B (Documentation Requirement)

Attachment C (Submission Review Checklist) (Word Version)

Attachment D (Submission Certification) (Word Version)

Attachment E (Sample ICAP/ICRP Schedules)

Top Five Local Agency issues

ASMBC-10 Implementation Guide