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Clark Paulsen, Division Chief

Non-Travel Related Materials and Services

References: California Code of Regulations (CCR), Administration, Title 2, Sections 599.616 and 599.616.1 and SAM 3580 and 8112-8112.6


On occasion an employee may be required to purchase materials or services and seek reimbursement from the State using  a travel expense claim (TEC) . The use of the TEC  may not, in any way, be used to expand the list of items agencies are allowed to buy without prior approval from the Division of Procurements and Contracts.

The responsibility for the acquisition of material and services is assigned to Procurements and Contracts. Instructions on the acquisition of material and services and required purchasing methods may be found in the Caltrans Acquisition Manual or the Caltrans Acquisition Tips Guide.

Items available through state contracts, Prison Industry Authority (PIA) or the Materials Warehouse Catalog must be acquired from the appropriate source. In the event that an item is not available through the appropriate source and needed immediately, contact Procurement and Contracts for advice on the appropriate course of action. A written waiver from PIA is required prior to making a purchase from another vendor of an item available from PIA.

Other purchasing resources include the Cal Card Handbook and Caltrans Information Technology.

Before making a purchase, contact Procurement and Contracts at (916) 227-6000.

For cash purchases while on travel status, see Business Expenses.

Reimbursement by TEC

The Travel Expense Claim, Form FA0302, is used for claiming reimbursement for authorized out-of-pocket expenditures not to exceed $50.00, limited to:

  • Purchases for minor emergencies, services, or other non-travel related items.
  • Incidental supplies not stocked by the district office or headquarters, Material Distribution Warehouse, or Prison Industry Authority (PIA).

The following should be submitted to the Division of Accounting's Travel Payments Section for reimbursement:

  • Original and one copy of the completed TEC form.
  • Original and one copy of the receipt.
  • The written waiver from PIA, if applicable.

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