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Clark Paulsen, Division Chief

Telecommute Expenses

Reference: Government Code Sections 14200-14203

District directors and program managers must approve expenditures for leased office space, office equipment, software, communications devices including hook-up of a separate dedicated phone line, office services and office supplies needed by telecommuting employees at their remote work sites.

An approved telecommute agreement must be on file with the assigned district or division telecommute coordinator. For more information, refer to the Department's Telework Program Policy & Procedures as follows:

Reimbursement Claims

Authorized employees may be reimbursed on a travel expense claim (TEC) with itemized receipts for incidental business expenses necessary for the performance of work assignments and is limited to:

  • Photocopy expenses, package delivery expenses, and minor office supplies not available in central supply when approved in advance by the appropriate authority.
  • Business related faxes and telephone calls.
  • Business related travel from the work-site on the day of travel, including travel to and/or from neighborhood fax and copy centers.

The department will not reimburse employees for the following expenses:

  • Travel expenses associated with commuting to the central or residential area-based/satellite work center based office, other than normal ridesharing incentives.
  • Employee expenses, including operations, maintenance and insurance for establishing and operation of a home office.
  • Utility cost associated with equipment use or occupation of the home.
  • Maintenance or repairs of privately owned equipment.
  • Office or equipment supplies (unless approved in advance by the supervisor).

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