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Travel Exceptions
Subsistence While on Sick Leave

References:: Calfornia Code of Regulations, Administration, Title 2,  (CCR) Sections 599.633 and 599.633.1, Department of Human Resources, PML 93-28, and SAM 0726

Required approvals: Appointing power and Division of Accounting (Travel Policy Section).

Allows the employee's appointing power (supervisor or manager) to request approval from the Division of Accounting's Travel Policy Section for payment of meals and/or lodging to an employee who is on sick leave for a period exceeding three (3) days when the illness or injury occurred while on travel status.

Exceptions will not be considered when the employee is confined to a hospital and hospital costs are covered by insurance. Expenses other than hospital costs may be considered.

Exception Criteria

The three (3) day time limitation for payment of meals and/or lodging may be exceeded in unusual cases when either the employee is unable to travel or when it is more economical for the state to maintain the employee on sick leave and travel status in order to complete the assignment.

Requests must be in writing and submitted as soon as circumstances are known. Submit requests to the Travel Policy Section and include the following information:

Name of employee and the address for each of the following:

  1. Home and headquarters.
  2. Place of confinement during illness and/or injury.
  3. Place where expenses are being incurred.
  4. Nature of the illness and/or injury and reason for not terminating travel status.
  5. Number of days confined during illness.
  6. Total cost of expenses incurred.

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