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Clark Paulsen, Division Chief

Travel Exceptions
Excess Lodging Rate Request

References: Department of Human Resources (CalHR), Personnel Management Liaison Memorandum (PML) 93-28, 95-050, 2001-014, and 2003-026, 2201 Travel and Relocation Policy

Required approvals: Appointing power, Division of Accounting (Travel Policy Section), and Department of Human Resources (CalHR) when required.

Employees are required to make a good faith effort to use moderately priced establishments that cater to the general public when traveling on state business. A good faith effort consists of contacting such establishments and requesting lodging at the California State government rate. For current lodging reimbursement rates, see Lodging Rates and Requirements.

Employees are directed to first search for lodging using the Concur website prior to requesting a lodging rate exception. Concur directs employees to lodging establishments that have committed to providing lodging at the state rate or less. This guide should be the primary, but not exclusive, tool used in obtaining lodging statewide. When the lodging guide resources are exhausted, other means of seeking moderately priced establishments may be used such as:

  • AAA,
  • Hotel-Guides.US - Click on Find Hotels near a street address, and
  • Direct contact with other lodging establishments, etc.

In those rare instances when employees are unable to locate lodging within the approved state rates, an Excess Lodging Rate Request must be submitted to the Division of Accounting's Travel Policy Section 15 calendar days prior to travel. All requests are to include a list of the moderately priced establishments contacted, dates of the contacts, and the results of the contacts. Submission of printouts of Internet advertisements for lodging establishments does not constitute a contact, nor does contacting high-end hotels that are unlikely to offer the state rate.

Submit requests to the Travel Policy Section.

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