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Travel Exceptions

References: Department of Human Resources (CalHR), Personnel Management Liaison Memorandum (PML) 93-28, 95-050, 2001-014, 2003-026


The Division of Accounting's Travel Policy Section holds the delegation of authority to approve certain exceptions to the travel rules. This delegated authority is extended with the provision that all exception requests will be administered according to the criteria, considerations, and record keeping requirements set forth by the Department of Human Resources (CalHR).

Each exception request requires the approval of the appointing power (employee's supervisor or manager) before submission to the Travel Policy Section. The appointing power shall give consideration to minimizing the cost to the State through responsible planning and scheduling of activities that require the employee to travel or relocate on State business.

Some exception requests may require the additional approval of CalHR. All exception requests granted are subject to audit by CalHR.

The following travel exceptions are identified in the Travel Guide. Click on the links below for additional information:

Submission of Exception Requests

Each exception request:

  • Should be submitted in writing or, if applicable, using a designated exception request form.

  • Should be submitted to the Travel Policy Section at least 15 calendar days in advance of travel or as soon as the circumstances that require approval are known.
    An exception request submitted to the Travel Policy Section after travel has concluded will not be considered for approval.

  • Will be considered for approval by Travel Policy based on the circumstances detailed in the written request.

  • Should be submitted to the:
    Division of Accounting
    OTSS Travel Policy Section
    P.O. Box 168018
    Sacramento, CA 95816-8018

    The fax number for Travel Policy is (916) 227-9357 or email Lai Saephan.

The Travel Policy Section will send an approval letter for each exception granted to the appointing power authorizing the request. The approval letter must be attached to the travel expense claim when expenses resulting from the exception approval are submitted for reimbursement.

Unapproved Exceptions

Expenses resulting from exceptions to travel rules and submitted for reimbursement without an approval letter will either:

  • Not be paid or

  • Will be paid in accordance with the applicable bargaining unit contract and CalHR regulations for regular travel.

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