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Out-of-State Travel Expense Claims (TECs)

In addition to the instructions in the In-State TEC's section of this chapter, all out-of-state travel expense claims (TEC's) should be checked for the following:

  • Claims are identified as "Out-of-State" under purpose of trip.

  • Two copies of the approved Form FA0257, "Request for Approval of Out-of-State Travel" are attached to the TEC.

  • A copy of the itinerary from the travel agency or airline ticket receipt is attached to the claim. The itinerary or airline ticket receipt must indicate the total cost of the airfare, including any change fees.

  • A copy of car rental receipt is attached to the claim.

  • Meal reimbursement is not claimed for a meal that is served and/or offered on the flight.

  • An out-of-state claim must be submitted on a separate TEC. Do not include with expenses for in-state travel, except those directly related to the out-of-state trip (i.e. mileage to and from the airport upon departure and return).

  • Out-of-state object codes are used in coding the TEC. See Agency Object Codes.

  • An out-of-country claim must include valid documentation for foreign currency exchange rates. If unavailable, the FXConverter (Foreign Exchange Currency Converter) may be used as adequate documentation.

  • All information on the TEC must be consistent with the Form FA0257. The sum of the amount claimed on the TEC and the transportation costs charged to the state (airfare, rental car, etc.) must not exceed the total approved on the FA0257. Conference fees and training costs are not included in this comparison. Contact the division out-of-state coordinator for additional approval if expenses exceed the total amount approved on the FA0257.

Example of an Out-of-State TEC

An example of an out-of-state TEC is available by clicking here.


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