California Department of Transportation
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Clark Paulsen, Division Chief

Agency Object and Sub Object Code

Description Object * Sub
Conference and Meeting Fees (In-State and Out-of-State) 077  
Driver's or Flight License Medical Examinations, DMV License Fees, and Vanpool Medical Exams 132  
In-State Commercial Airfare 008  
In-State Per Diem (Lodging, Meals, and Incidentals) 020 ML. MP1, MP2
In-State Private Automobile Mileage, Private Aircraft Miles, and Cost Comparison (In-Lieu) 010 ML, AR
In-State Travel Expenses (Bridge, Highway, Road and Ferry Tolls for vehicles. Expense of electronic transponders used for the recording and payment of Bridge and Highway tolls.) 003 ML
In-State Travel Expenses (Business Expenses, Parking, Rental Car, Rental Car Fuel, Taxi, bus shuttle, Rail (Amtrak), Passenger tolls or expenses on ferries, buses, rail, etc.) 001 ML
Out-of-State Commercial Airfare 108  
Out-of-State Per Diem (Lodging, Meals, and Incidentals) 021 ML, MP2
Out-of-State Travel Expenses (Business Expenses, Mileage, Parking, Tolls, Rental Car, Rental Car Fuel, Taxi, Rail (Amtrak), etc.) 101 ML
Overtime and Callback Mileage 110 CB
Overtime Meals 023 OM
Postage 026  
Professional Exams and License Fees, State Bar Dues, and Individual Membership Dues 075  
Relocation (All charges) 022 MR
Stationery, Office Supplies, Maps and Books (Not directly related to a State approved training course.) 044  
Tuition, Registration Fees, Training Materials and Books (Directly related to a State approved training course.) 024  
Uniform Allowance and Safety Footwear,
Pre-Employment Physical

* Sub Object Codes required for Employee Fringe Benefits:
  • ML - Long Term Assignment Per Diem expenses for assignments exceeding 365 days.
  • MP1 - Per Diem expenses less than 50 miles from home or HQ (DOA pre-approval required)
  • MP2 - Meals for travel less than 24 hours (without an overnight stay)
  • OM - Overtime Meal reimbursement
  • CB - Call Back (Overtime) Mileage reimbursement
  • MR - Employee Relocation expense reimbursement
  • BM - Mileage reimbursement for the use of Bicycle on state business
  • AR - Mileage reimbursement for the use of privately owned aircraft on state business


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