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Clark Paulsen, Division Chief

Personal Expense Differential

Reference: Bargaining Unit 9 Contract

The personal expense differential applies to Bargaining Unit 9 employees who are required to be on State business more than 50 miles from their home and headquarters and incur personal, non-receipted expenses as the result of said travel.

Employees receiving reimbursement for business and travel expenses by other means (e.g., statues, rules or MOU provisions such as the long-term differential or business travel expenses) shall not be eligible for the personal expense differential.

The personal expense differential may only be requested (and shall only be approved) when the employee used facilities such as, but not limited to, house trailers and camping equipment. Staying with friends, relatives, or at one's own second residence does not qualify the employee for a personal expense differential.

Eligible employees may request a personal expense differential rate of:

  • $33.00 for meals or $33.00 for lodging for travel of less than 12 hours if expenses were incurred; and,

  • $67.00 for personal, non-receipted expenses associated with travel of 12 to 24 hours if expenses are incurred.

The differential is issued directly from the State Controller's Office. Taxes are withheld from the differential at the time of issuance.

Qualifying employees must complete and submit an approved "Authorization for Non-Commercial Subsistence Differential", Form PM0918 to:

  • The Division of Human Resources
    Office of Transactions Services
    P.O. Box 168037
    Sacramento CA 95816-8037

  • Inter-office mail: MS #47

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