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Long-Term Assignment Differential

Reference: Collective Bargaining Agreements, AB 17-04


Qualifying employees: Bargaining Units 9 and 11 and supervisors (S09). Also managers (M09) assigned to the Toll Bridge Construction Program.

An employee as identified above who is assigned in writing to a long-term assignment of more than one year (365 days) at the outset of his or her assignment, and who otherwise qualifies for long-term per diem, shall receive a monthly pay differential in lieu of long-term per diem. Long-term assignment differential (LTAD) reimbursement for managers (M09) is restricted to the department's Toll Bridge Construction Program.

The long-term assignment (LTA) monthly differential will be paid for a period starting the first day of the actual assignment and will end the last day of the assignment. The monthly differential shall be pro-rated for months in which the LTA begins or ends in the middle of the month.

Thirty (30) days advance notice must be provided to Division of Human Resources for initiation and/or cancellation of LTAD payment.

The LTA monthly differential shall be $1,800. Employees in Bargaining Unit 9 qualify for LTAD regardless if a separate permanent residence is maintained at their headquarters location or not. Employees in Bargaining Unit 11, supervisors (S09), and managers (M09) must maintain a separate permanent residence at their headquarters location as described for purposes of long-term travel reimbursement in Long-Term Lodging, Meal, and Incidental Rates of this guide.

Payment is included in the employee's payroll warrant. Questions regarding long-term differential payments should be directed to the Office of Transaction Services.

To qualify for LTAD, affected employees are required to submit receipts as proof that actual lodging expenses were incurred. Receipts are to be retained by the employee's supervisor.

Short-term expenses approved at the start of the assignment and transportation costs associated with the long-term assignment are considered taxable expenses. See Tax Withholding and Reporting Information for more information regarding taxability.

The LTAD may continue while the employee is away from the LTA location on short-term business travel or other absences. Short-term business travel expenses incurred away from the LTA location must be submitted on a travel expense claim.

Employee's Responsibilities

It is the employee's responsibility to submit an approved "Authorization for Caltrans Long-Term Differential", Form PM0915, to his or her supervisor for approval to claim the long-term assignment differential.

An employee qualifies to receive long-term assignment differential when all of the following conditions are met:

  • The assignment is anticipated to be over one year (365 days).
  • The employee is in either Bargaining Units 9, 11, S09, or M09.
  • The employee has obtained long-term accommodations.
  • The employee provides a copy of his or her valid monthly lodging receipt to his or her supervisor each month for the duration of the assignment.
  • All lodging receipts must show the name and address of the lodging establishment, employee’s name, month for which rent is paid, date and amount paid.

Supervisor's Responsibilities

  • Thirty (30) days advance notice must be provided to Division of Human Resources for initiation and/or cancellation of LTAD payment.
  • Approve and fax the Long-Term Assignment Information and Certification of Subsistence Rates, Form FA1350<>, to the Division of Accounting's Travel Policy Section at (916) 227-9357. The supervisor should ensure the following information is correct:
    • Dates of the assignment. The dates should reflect the actual start date and estimated completion date of the assignment.
  • Approve and mail the initial PM0915 form to the Division of Human Resources, Office of Transaction Services at the address below:
    • Inter-office mail: Mail Station #47

    • U.S. mail: PO Box 168037, Sacramento, CA 95816-8037
  • Communicate changes to an employee's assignment by:
    • Mailing a revised Form PM0915 to the Division of Human Resources, Office of Transaction Services.

    • Faxing a revised Form FA1350 to the Travel Policy Section at (916) 227-9357. See Long-Term Assignment Information and Certification of Subsistence Rates <> when a revised form is necessary.
    • Ensure that the dates on the form reflect the dates the employee qualifies for the long-term differential and the estimated completion date.

    • Obtain from the employee his or her monthly lodging receipt each month. It is the supervisor who approves form PM0915 responsibility to maintain a file of the monthly lodging receipts.

    • LTAD documents, including receipts will be retained for five (5) years from the conclusion of last LTAD payment by the supervisor who approved form PM0915.

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