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Business Expenses

References: California Code of Regulations, Administration, Title 2, Section 599.616 and SAM 0710


Business expenses consist of charges for business phone calls, faxes, and telegrams; emergency clothing, equipment, or supply purchases that are job related; and other charges necessary to the completion of official business while on travel status. Business phone calls made on privately owned cellular phones may not be eligible for reimbursement; see Cellular Phone Purchase and Use for the Department's cellular phone policy.

Reimbursement Claims

Employees may claim necessary/emergency business expenses on a travel expense claim (TEC), Form FA0302. All expenses must be explained on the TEC, and if over $25, must be approved by the department head, deputy, or chief administrative officer in Box 18 of the TEC.

Under no circumstances may employees use the TEC reimbursement process instead of purchasing goods or services through methods prescribed by the Office of Procurement and Contracts. For more information regarding the department's purchasing policies, see Non-Travel Related Materials and Services.

Airline Check Baggage Policy

Many airline carriers have a policy charging extra for baggage during the airport check-in process. The State's policy is to only pay for the cost of the ticket and one bag per traveler. If the baggage fee is paid at the airport, the traveler must attach the receipt to their Travel Expense Claim (TEC) for reimbursement.

For travelers requesting reimbursement for more than one bag, a justification (for the State Controller's Office) must be attached to their TEC for review. The justification must state why the traveler has to pay for extra luggage (such as computer, presentation handouts, tradeshow exhibits, etc.) for a documented business-related purpose, and can demonstrate that the additional cost is solely for the benefit of the State.

The checked bag service fee is determined at time of check in. Therefore, travelers will have to pay the service fee at the ticket counter or at curbside check in. Submit a TEC as a business expense to the Travel Payment Section for reimbursement. A proof of payment/receipt and explanation for additional costs must be attached to the TEC.

Agency Object Codes

  1. In-State travel - use object code 008
  2. Out of State travel - use object code 108



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