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Clark Paulsen, Division Chief

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Reference: Reference: Department of General Services Travel Bulletin 10-07


Cash, personal checks and personal charge cards are acceptable forms of payment at the discretion of the vendor providing goods and services.

These forms of payment are not acceptable for obtaining contract rates for airfare and rental cars. Only AMEX State Government cards identify the traveler as eligible for state contract rates.


The Department of General Services (DGS) has announced the phase out of the DGS Blue Charge Card program.

DGS has established a Customer Account Number (CAN) process that is now used to invoice departments for the various services received from DGS. This process eliminates the need for a Blue Card.

DGS Blue Cards may still be used for taxi cabs in the Sacramento area. The cab drivers use the Blue Card to directly invoice departments for their employee cab fares. These payments are directly paid to the cab companies and are NOT paid by DGS. In order to provide control and prevent fraudulent charges, it is recommended that employees show their department ID badge and provide the six-digit billing code CAN number (first six digits of the Blue Card) to the cab driver to ensure they are a State employee for that department.

DGS will no longer issue new Blue Cards. If agencies wish to continue using the Blue Card, they may do so, however using a departmental photo ID is the most secure way if ensuring services are ordered by State employees. As use of the Blue cards decline, keep the cards and any records associated with them for audit purposes. After they have been audited, the cards may be destroyed.

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