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Clark Paulsen, Division Chief

American Express

Reference: Department of General Services (DGS) Management Memo 05-06; DGS Travel Bulletins 10-01-R; 11-04; 12-03 and 13-03; Travel Information and Policy TIP 12-003

American Express State of California Government Card

Effective immediately, the department is no longer processing new American Express Individual Government credit card applications.  Travelers are advised to submit a travel advance request to fund lodging and meal expenses.

American Express Business Travel Accounts(BTA)

American Express provides Caltrans with centrally billed accounts for airline, rail, and car rental charges via the Business Travel Account (BTA) program. When reservations are made through Caltrans' travel agency, CalTravelStore, Charges for airfare, rail, and contract rental cars are billed to Caltrans directly through a BTA.

Failure to make reservations using CalTravelStore, may result in employees securing rates in excess of the State contract amounts and for which reimbursement may not be obtained.

For details on making reservations, see Chapter 10 –Concur Travel Reservation System.

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