California Department of Transportation
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Gilbert Petrissans, Division Chief

Appendix E
Frequently Used Forms

Form Number Name
ASC255 Moving Service Authorization
ASC3001 Employee Relocation Fact Sheet
DO0002 Request to Attend Non-State Sponsored Conference
FA0008 Request for Travel Ticket (RFTT)
FA0205A Authorization to Use Privately-Owned Vehicles on State Business
STD257 Request for Approval of Out-of-State Travel
Instructions for STD257 Completion
FA0302 Travel Expense Claim
FA0305 Personal Property Claim
FA1301 Non-State or Attendant Expense Invoice
FA1350 Long Term Assignment (LTA) Information and Certification of Subsistence Rates
FA2135 Vanpool Subsidy Certification Form
FA2136 Vanpool Driver Incentive Certification Form
PM0041 Personal Use of State Vehicle
One-Way Commuting and/or Round Trip
CalHR873 Bicycle Commuter Program Quarterly Self-Certification

Department of General Services & Office of State Publishing

Form Number Name
STD. 236 Hotel/Motel Transient Occupancy Tax Waiver
(Exemption Certificate for State Agencies)
STD. 255C Excess Lodging Rate Request/Approval
STD. 256 Moving/Relocation Expense Approval Request
STD. 265 Insurance Verification and Authorization to Operate Privately Owned/Rented/Leased Aircraft on State Business
STD. 270 Vehicle Accident Report

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