California Department of Transportation
State of California  
Major Construction Payment & Information System  

Contract: 04A2367
Cal Painting & Brothers, Inc.

Date last updated: 04/23/19
  • Contract Accepted: N/A
  • Stop Notice filing deadline: N/A
  • Expiration of Suit-filing period: N/A
  • Current Withhold Obligations: ....  $0.00
  • Curently Held:  ................................ $0.00
  • Need to Hold:  ................................  $0.00
  •  No Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) on file.




Detail estimate information is available for those issued after February 1,1999 while voucher payment data is available for those issued after July 1, 2000.  For detail estimate and voucher inquiries prior to the above dates please contact the Resident Engineer or the District Construction office.

The Held and Disbursed columns may include monies withheld or released for stop notices, legal, liens, levies, labor compliance and accounts receivable claims.

Payment History
Est. Engineering Contract Data Type Pmt Type Released Held Disbursed
      Hold 03/16/07 14,400.00 0.00
      LC 1 Release 04/03/07 -14,400.00 14,400.00
Total: $0.00 $14,400.00
Please direct Payment inquires to:
   Name: Linda Procida
 Phone: (916) 227-9285
     Fax: (916) 227-9736

Type Key
P/P  = Progress Payment
A/A = After Acceptance Payment
S/F  = Semi Final Payment
FIN  = Final Payment
Payment Type
Warrant = Check disbursement
EFT = Electronic Funds Transfer disbursement
SN # = Release Stop Notice Hold
LC # = Release Labor Compliance Hold
Legal # = Release Legal Hold
Dep # = Deposit previous disbursements
Hold = Held for future disbursement
Neg Est = Negative Estimate
A/R Coll = Accounts Receivable Collection