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Gilbert Petrissans, Division Chief

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Major Construction Payment & Information


Bonding Around Stop Notices Discontinued
March 2010
Effective March 2010, the Department will not honor any bonds placed by a prime contractor to prevent a stop notice. This is to enforce prompt payment to subcontractors.

Special Handling of Progress Payments Discontinued
January 2010
Effective January 2010, the Department will no longer provide special handling of progress payments, such as UPS delivery or customer pick.

Caltrans Websites Migrate to Revised State Template
October 2007
Major Construction Payment and Information will have a new look and feel by November 2007 as the State of California moves to a modern new look. Besides the new look and feel, the site now offers improved browsing for all users.

Caltrans Websites Migrate to State Templates
September 2001
The Contract Payments and Information site has been revised for a new look and feel using the State of California Templates. Besides the cleaner and more standardized look and feel, this site now offers improved browsing experience for the disabled and visually impaired. Also in the works is a new cleaner look to our reports that will match our site!

Electronic Fund Transfers Now Available
September 2000
By signing up for Electronic Fund Transfers, you can get your funds days earlier.  More info

Voucher Payment Data Posted
August 2000
Engineering Voucher payment data is now available for all vouchers issued after of July 1, 2000. Inquiries for Vouchers issued prior to July 1, 2000 should be made to the Resident Engineer or the District Construction office. Links to available vouncher data can be found within the Contract Payments and Information Systems' Contract Report.

Detail Estimate Information Available
March 2000
Detail Estimate information from Engineering is now available for viewing. Links to the Detail Estimate Information can be found within the Contract Payments and Information System's Contract Report. Please note: for detail estimate information prior to February 1, 1999, please contact the Resident Engineer or the District Construction office.