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Transit Technical Assistance

Scott Sauer
(916) 657-3863

The Transit Technical Assistance Specialist is responsible for the following:

  • Supporting the integration of BRT project planning and implementation into Caltrans policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Facilitating research to develop tools to improve the performance of transit, the State highway system, and the entire transportation network.
  • Providing technical assistance for the integration of transit into the Department’s manuals, guidance documents, and processes.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

BRT is an innovative and cost-effective form of public transportation. It is viewed as a combination of rail and bus (i.e. a rubber-tired rail service), combines several major components to improve customer convenience and reduce delays: Bus infrastructure, equipment, operations improvements, and technology. BRT will lead to improved mobility and air quality, an overall benefit to Californians and to our visitors.

Caltrans' Deputy Directive 98 Integrating Bus Rapid Transit into State Facilities and the Department's Policy on Bus Rapid Transit Implementation Support (DP-27) show the Department's commitment to improve public transportation in the state. Along with the Director’s Policy and Deputy Directive, the BRT Handbook provides guidance and direction to support BRT implementation that will benefit the Department, local governments, traveling public, and private sector businesses in improving mobility in the state.

For specific information regarding BRT research, click here

BRT Coordinator List
Statewide BRT Project Inventory

Transit Research

Federal and State research funds are used to develop innovative tools to improve the performance of transit, the State highway system, and the transportation network.  Research projects are developed through multidisciplinary teams with representatives from various divisions, districts, researchers, federal agencies, and local and regional partners all striving to improve mobility for all modes of travel.  Current areas of focus include:

  • Bus Rapid Transit
  • Transit Data Collection and Utilization
  • Adaptive Transit Signal Priority Systems
  • Vehicle Automation and Assist Systems
Recently completed research reports are listed below and can be found on the Division of Research and Innovation website, click here



Updated: 01/27/09