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Department of Transportation Division of Rail and Mass Transportation, MS #39
P.O. Box 942874 Sacramento, CA 94274-0001

PHONE: (916) 654-8811
FAX: (916) 654-9366
TTY: 711

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DMT Contacts:


Mark Codey
Office Chief
Federal Transit Grants Program
(916) 654-8655

Jila Priebe
Office Chief
Program Policy Management
(916) 654-9779
5310 Elderly & Disabled Specialized Transit
and Grant Management
Bruce Plowman
Branch Chief
(916) 657-3875
Proposition 1B (PTMISEA)
Wendy King
Branch Chief
(916) 651-8239
5311 Rural & Small Transit
James Ogbonna
Branch Chief
(916) 651-6116
STIP/Prop 1B (SLPP)/TCRP/Prop 116)
Ezequiel Castro
Branch Chief
(916) 654-8012
Procurement Management
Frank Nevitt
Branch Chief
(916) 654-6990
Low Carbon Transit Operations Program
(916) 654-9779
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program and Title VI Coordination
Lea Simpson
Senior Specialist
(916) 654-7184
Interagency Coordination
Senior Specialist
(916) 657-4373
RTAP & Legislative Management
Brian Travis
Senior Specialist
(916) 654-9842
Transit Programs/TDA
Joshua Pulverman
Senior Specialist
(916) 657-3863

Specialized Programs Branch
Tracy Harrison
Senior Specialist
(916) 654-5289
Grant Management and Compliance
Michael Lange
Branch Chief
(916) 657-3946

Disability Issues Only

If you are a person with a disability and you are not able to, or experience difficulty in, accessing our programs, services and/or employment, or feel that you have been discriminated against under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, or the Fair Employment and Housing Act, you may contact Alex Morales, ADA/Section 504/Disability Program Coordinator for the CA. Department of Transportation, at (916) 324-8764 Voice, or (916) 324-2252 TTY, via fax at (916) 324-1869, or 1-866-810-6946 via 800 number, (for complaints only). TTY Phone List

If you have questions for Caltran's Office of Business & Economic Opportunity , you may contact us at (916) 324-1700 and toll free at 1-866-810-6346 or you can fax us at (916) 324-1949. Our TTY is at 324-2252.