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Suspension of Publication DVD

The Division of Local Assistance suspended its production of Publication DVD impacted by funlough.

Users of FormsPLUS can download FormsPLUS at our website at

The DVD acts as a one-stop shop for information and promotes better access to helpful information for local project delivery. Especially useful as a starter kit for new staff, the DVD provides local project sponsors with fast and powerful access to essential information. Local agencies and consultants will find the DVD full of manuals, handbooks, and other publications that address procedures, practices, policies, and standards. The Local Assistance Procedures Manual, Local Assistance Program Guidelines, Local Program Procedures (LPP's), FormsPLUS, Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Manual, Local Assistance Guidebooks, most Caltrans manuals, and federal and state transportation related regulations are included on the DVD. Links to these manuals or regulations are also provided. The DVD enables PC users to find information without requiring internet access or performing an online search. This DVD is part of an ongoing effort to provide more "user-friendly" manuals for local assistance.

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