Proposed HBP FSTIP Listings (3/23/2006)

These listings are to be used by MPO's, and RTPA's to amend the Local Assistance HBP and Seismic Program components of the FSTIP.

MPOs and the State (for rural regions) are responsible for demonstrating financial constraint of non-federal funds for federal matching requirements. To ensure a statewide financially constrained program, the HBP funding amounts must be accepted without modification. Changes to the program must be coordinated by the District Local Assistance Engineer.

Reports Needed by the MPOs to Amend the 2006/7-2008/9 FSTIP


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These projects are not regionally significant and do not affect air quality.


This is a summary of the grouped projects that should be used to program the FSTIP.




This is a list of the projects that should be individually listed in the FTIP/FSTIP, with funding amounts by region and federal fiscal year.



Other Reports needed by Local Agencies


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This list identifies which projects in the "Local Bridge Grouped Projects" are identified to receive federal funds by phase.


Rural lump sum only.


For information only - All Projects.