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Bicycle Transportation Account – Invoicing Instructions

Local Agency BTA Invoices Must:

  • Be submitted on local agency letterhead with local agency’s address have
    a current date when sent to the District or to BFU (See link to Invoice Template below).
  • Include "Department of Transportation" in the mailing address.
  • Be signed by the appropriate responsible persons in the local agency.
  • Have one original with back-up documentation for costs incurred and claimed for reimbursement.

Progress invoices are transmitted directly to:

Bicycle Facilities Unit
Division of Local Assistance – MS 1
California Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 942874
Sacramento, CA 94274-0001

Final invoices must be submitted to the District Local Assistance Engineer (DLAE).

The DLAE verifies project completion, approves payment, and forwards the original final invoice package to BFU.
Final Invoices must be submitted by 4/1 of the fund lapsing year. Please see Local Agency-State Agreement for the project.  See BTA Award Cycles and Fund Lapse Dates.

Invoice Format

Please use the Microsoft Excel Invoice Calculator Template to prepare BTA Progress and Final Invoices: BTA Calculator Invoice Template.xls

The invoice format must include the following information:

  • Date of invoice. If the invoice was returned to the local agency for any reason, it must be re-dated when resubmitted to the District or BFU.
  • Progress billing number. This is a serially assigned number that begins with number 1.
    • This progress billing number allows BFU to determine that they have received all the invoices for a project.
  • Invoice number (local agency accounting system assigned number), if applicable.
  • State project number. This is the BTA project number.
  • Local agency Federal Tax Identification Number.
  • (For final invoice only) Date project accepted by the local agency. “On going” if project is not complete.
  • Project location
  • Project Expenditure Authorization NumberAll BTA projects are 957200
  • Local Agency/State Agreementand Date executed
  • Phases of work:
    • Preliminary Engineering
    • Right of Way
    • Construction Engineering
    • Construction Contract

If you have questions, please contact the DLAE or Headquarters Bicycle Facilities Unit at (916) 653-0036

Reimbursable Project Costs

In addition to construction contract costs and right of way purchases, the costs of salaries, wages, and related costs of local agency personnel may be reimbursable for the following activities:

  • Preliminary engineering: the location, design, and related work preparatory to the advancement of a project to physical construction.
  • Construction engineering: the supervision and inspection of construction activities; additional staking functions considered necessary for effective control of the construction operations; testing materials incorporated into construction; checking shop drawings; and measurements needed for the preparation of pay estimates.
  • Acquisition of rights of way: Includes acquisition of rights of way, real property, or rights thereto are included as the preparation of right of way plans; making economic studies and other related preliminary work; appraisal for parcel acquisition; review of appraisals; preparation for and trial of condemnation cases; management of properties acquired; furnishing of relocation advisory assistance; and other related labor expenses (see “Reimbursement of Local Agency’s Expenditures” in Chapter 13, “Right of Way”).

Direct Cost Reimbursements

Direct costs are those that can be identified specifically with a particular final cost objective that is ¾ expenditures solely incurred for a specific Federal-aid/State funded highway project. They include contract payments, right of way acquisition, direct material, as well as salaries, wages, fringe benefits, and related costs which become eligible when an individual participates in project-related activities.

Typical direct costs chargeable to Federal-aid/State funded projects are:

  • Compensation of employees for the time devoted and identified specifically to the performance of the project phase for which the Federal-aid/State funding was approved. This is usually permissible up to the first level of supervision dedicated to the project.
  • Cost of materials consumed, or expended specifically for the purpose in which the participating Federal/State funds were authorized.
  • Equipment and other approved capital expenditures.
  • Travel expenses incurred specifically to carry out the purpose in which the participating Federal/State funds were authorized.
  • Total direct costs of project to date by phases of work. Direct costs are the labor, material, contract payments, and right of way acquisition for project-related activity.

Acceptable Backup Expenditures

Invoices must have one copy of supporting backup documentation for costs incurred and claimed for reimbursement when mailed to the District Local Assistant Engineer (DLAE) or the Bicycle Facilities Unit in the Sacramento headquarters office. Acceptable backup documentation includes agency’s progress payment to the contractors, copies of cancelled checks showing amounts made payable to the vendors and contractors, and/or computerized summary of project costs.

Ineligible Costs

Indirect costs are not eligible for reimbursement. The State defines indirect costs as general administrative and overhead expenses.

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