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Funding - Active Transportation Program (ATP)

The ATP is funded by approximately $129 million of various state and federal funds from appropriations in the annual Budget Act. Funds for the program are appropriated to the Department of Transportation, for allocation by the California Transportation Commission.

The amount appropriated includes:

  • 100 percent of the federal transportation Alternative Program funds, except for federal Recreation Trails Program funds appropriated to the Department of Parks and Recreation.
  • $21 million of federal Highway Safety Improvement funds or other federal funds.
  • State Highway Account funds.

Program funding may be augmented if state or federal funds increase, or if other funding sources are identified.

Fund appropriated for the ATP are distributed as follows:

  • 40%  to metropolitan planning organizations in urban areas with populations greater than 200,000, in proportion their relative share of population. Funds allocated under this component shall be obligated for eligible projects selected through a competitive process by the metropolitan planning organizations in consultation with the Department and Commission and in the accordance with the guidelines established in this chapter.
  • 10%  to small urban and rural regions with populations of 200,000 or less. Within this component, funds will be distributed in proportion to:
    • Rural areas under 5,000 population and
    • Small urban areas of population of 5,001 to 200,000.
  • 50%  to projects awarded on competitive statewide basis.

2014 ATP Fund Estimate (adopted December 11, 2013)

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