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Division Chief's letter (02/02/2010) to RTPAs on implementation of SB 286 (Use of the Conservation Corps) for Transportation Enhancement Project Selection for the 2010 STIP 3/03/10

Division Chief's letter (09/03/2009) to RTPAs regarding implementation of SB 286 For Recovery Act Transportation Enhancement Funds 11/04/09

Division Chief's letter (07/06/2009) to RTPAs regarding implementation of SB 286 For Transportation Enhancement Funds. 11/04/09


Transportation enhancement activities are a means of more creatively and sensitively integrating surface transportation facilities into their surrounding communities. What distinguishes transportation enhancement activities from other worthwhile "quality-of-life" and environmental activities is their potential to create a transportation experience that is more than merely adequate. At the same time they may protect the environment and provide a more aesthetic, pleasant and improved interface between the transportation system for the communities and people adjacent to transportation facilities.

Federal Transportation Enhancement funds are to be used for transportation-related capital improvement projects that enhance quality-of-life, in or around transportation facilities. Projects must be over and above required mitigation and normal transportation projects, and the project must be directly related to the transportation system. The projects should have a quality-of-life benefit while providing the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people. Projects must be within the twelve categories. For more information see the Fact Sheet.

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