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Summary of Results from Cycle 5

The results from Cycle 5 suggest that the changes to the HSIP guidelines, application, new Local Roadway Safety Manual for California Local Road Owners, and TIMS Tool have improved the overall effectiveness of the program in terms of preventing future fatalities and serious injuries with the limited highway safety funding available to California.  Comparing Cycle 5 to Cycle 4, the results showed that although there were less applications submitted, over 35% more applications were received with a Benefit-to-Cost (B/C) ratio over 1.0.  In addition, Cycle 5 awarded $111 million in federal funding (compared to $75 million in Cycle 4) and still increased the overall average B/C ratio from 7.9 in to 13.4, representing a 70% increase in the expected benefit from each dollar invested in local roadway safety. The total expected benefit from the 221 projects selected in Cycle 5 is roughly $1.9 billion.  For more information on these results and some of the lessons learned during the call, view the links below:

Caltrans is always looking for opportunities to improve its products and services.  After Cycle 5, in August and September of 2012, Caltrans conducted an anonymous statewide survey to get feedback from local agencies.  The response was high with over 150 local agencies providing feedback.  The results from this survey generally showed the new data-driven process has been well received by local agencies.  With that said, the feedback also showed Caltrans still has more work to do, including: provide better training, streamline the overall application process, and simplify the documents wherever possible.  Caltrans intends to incorporate these changes into the local HSIP program in the next Call-for-Projects. 

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