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In HSIP Cycle 9 Call for Projects,

351 applications have been received requesting $418 million of federal HSIP funds. On December 12th, 2018, the project selection results were released. 221 projects, totaling $182 million in federal HSIP funds, were selected for funding. Please click here for more details.


Caltrans announced HSIP Cycle 9 Call for Projects on April 30, 2018. The application due date is Friday, August 31, 2018. All applications will be submitted electronically with no hard copies. Applicants must submit the applications before the deadline. Any submittal after midnight of 8/31/2018 will not be accepted. For any questions regarding the call for projects, please contact your Caltrans District Local Assistance Engineer (DLAE).

All applicants are expected to review the HSIP Guidelines and Local Roadway Safety Manual for California Local Road Owners prior to working on their specific applications:

  • HSIP Guidelines provide overall guidance and general information for the HSIP program.

  • Local Roadway Safety Manual for California Local Road Owners
  • This manual is intended to assist local agencies in preparing a proactive safety analysis of their roadway networks, identifying their safety improvement priorities and applying appropriate countermeasures. The local agencies are expected to utilize the concepts in this manual in developing safety projects for competing the HSIP federal funding.

Below are the documents you must have in order to prepare and submit an application. Please download all these documents for your use.
Note: Both the Application Form and the HSIP Analyzer are dynamic forms. At a minimum, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is needed in order to complete and save the files. You may download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for free at

6/20/18: The documents have been updated for the purpose of adding a new safety countermeasure “S22, Modify signal phasing to implement a Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI)”. If you are interested in proposing LPIs in your HSIP applications, please re-download the below documents.
  • HSIP Cycle 9 Call for Projects Announcement provides more details regarding this call for projects.

  • HSIP Cycle 9 Application Form and Instructions for HSIP Cycle 9 Application Form (Right-click and choose "save target as..." to save the files)
    The applicants must complete the application form and attach the documents to the application form for each application. The application form will be submitted electronically to Caltrans once the submittal button on the last page is clicked.

  • HSIP Analyzer and Manual for HSIP Analyzer (Right-click and choose "save target as..." to save the files)
    HSIP Analyzer is a PDF form based software that streamlines the project cost estimate, safety improvement countermeasure evaluation, crash data input and Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) calculation. For an application that is not required to have the BCR, the HSIP Analyzer will be used for cost estimate only. The use of the HSIP Analyzer is required for all applications in HSIP Cycle 9.

  • Engineer’s Checklist for BCR applications; Engineer’s Checklist for non-BCR applications.
    Engineer’s Checklist is required for all applications. Once your application has been finalized, please sign & stamp the checklist, and attach the scanned checklist to the application form.


To assist local agencies’ efforts in preparing quality applications for HSIP Cycle 9, Caltrans and FHWA held a webinar on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 10:00AM to 12:00PM. The webinar recording, presentation slides and Q&A are available below.

Application Examples

In an effort to assist local agencies in identifying highly competitive safety projects and completing the application submittal process, several successful HSIP applications from Cycle 5 are posted at the below link. These successful applications were chosen because of their streamlined data presentation and the variety of analyses, roadways, users and improvement types. These applications are examples and only represent a small portion of the options available to local agencies. Applicants may also refer to these applications for examples of application attachments.

Caltrans may post application examples from more recent calls for projects in the near future.

Caltrans and FHWA strongly encourage local agencies to pursue low-cost systemic improvements that can improve the safety of numerous locations, whole corridors, or their roadway networks all at one time. There is an understanding that some of these types of projects can take extensive resources to complete the safety analysis and establish the project scope. The document below, prepared by Placer and Nevada County, is intended to be a guide for California local agencies to streamline the preparation of these types of applications and include a focused Roadway Safety Audit (RSA) in the PE phase of their projects to finalize their project locations and improvements. Completing the focused RSA in the PE phase will allow this work to be federally reimbursable. This type of project will also help local agencies in complying with the CAMUTCD horizontal alignment signing requirements.

Questions and Contacts

If you have any questions regarding the HSIP Program, please call or email your District Local Assistance Engineer (DLAE).

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