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FormsPLUS 1.0v2

This page/website does not provide forms listed in LAPM/LAPG. If you are looking for downloading forms from LAPM/LAPG, please choose related website listed on the left column.

FormsPLUS is a helpful tool for local and regional transportation agencies. Its helps agency staff perform two key activities:

(1) Complete the forms required for transportation projects
(2) Track the status of forms during project delivery

FormsPLUS gives users over 130 electronic forms contained in the Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) and the Local Assistance Program Guidelines (LAPG). The forms in these two Caltrans manuals are essential for state-funded and federal-aid local transportation projects.

FormsPLUS 1.0v2 can be downloaded at

There are 94 LAPM forms and 39 LAPG forms included in this version. Please check the list of all forms included in this current version.

If you found a problem/bug with FormsPLUS or wish to add a special form which is not listed in current FormsPLUS, please send your comment/request to FormsPLUS. You can also add your request for forms through FormsPLUS Survey website:

On the page "FormsPLUS Frequently Asked Questions", you can find frequently asked questions, new features of current FormsPLUS and/or expected new features for future FormsPLUS.

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding FormsPLUS, please send email to

Please contact the DLA FormsPLUS for this page.

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