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This list of frequently asked questions is provided to address general questions about FormsPLUS.

General Information

What is FormsPLUS?
FormsPLUS is a distributable electronic forms database.  It is primarily a form management system, and contains features that facilitate form completion such as checkboxes, value lists, and auto-calculating fields.
Why FormsPLUS?
Local Assistance forms are available in a number of different formats, including hard copy manual exhibits, Microsoft Word documents and electronic 'pdf' forms.  Currently, each agency must develop their own method of completing and tracking these forms.  FormsPLUS was designed to streamline and standardize this process, and to provide agencies with a turnkey alternative to reinventing form management from scratch.

While FormsPLUS is primarily a form management system, it also stores project information, and can be used to track status of forms submitted to Caltrans.  As such, it can be a valuable tool for project managers who want to keep a better handle on state and federally funded transporation projects.

Will FormsPLUS allow my agency to transmit forms to Caltrans electronically?

No.  While FormsPLUS will undoubtedly be a valuable tool for local agencies, it does not replace the means by which forms are submitted to Caltrans.  It is still necessary to print and submit hard copy forms with original signatures in order to initiate the transportation project funding process.

Product Releases

How can I get a copy of FormsPLUS?
The FormsPLUS application can be downloaded from Caltrans DLA(Division of Local assistance) FormsPLUS website. A notification email will be sent to all registered users when new version of FormsPLUS is available.

Which forms are available on FormsPLUS?
Most exhibits from the Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) and the Local Assistance Program Guidelines (LAPG) are included in FormsPLUS.  

Using FormsPLUS

I just installed FormsPLUS. Why can't I create any forms?

Before you create any forms in FormsPLUS, you must first create a project, and enter your agency information. When FormsPLUS starts, you will be taken to the "Projects" view, where you can click the "New Project" button to create a new record. Enter the project number (if available), project location, and a brief description.

Next, click the "Details" button to enter project details, select a Caltrans District, and enter general information about your agency.

Finally, click the "Forms" button to see a list of available forms from the selected manual and chapter. Select the "New" button to the left of the desired form and a new form will be created.

Why is the list of "New" forms blank when I change the selected manual in the "Forms" view?

The list of displayed forms depends on BOTH the selected manual AND chapter selected. If you select the "Local Assistance Program Guidelines", and chapter 3, the list of forms will be blank because the LAPG does not have any forms in chapter 3!

Ensure that you select both the manual and chapter that contains the form that you wish to create.

I have selected the manual and chapter correctly, but I still can't find the form that I am looking for. Where is it?

While it is the intention of the Division of Local Assistance to include as many forms in FormsPLUS as possible, some forms do not "fit the model". For example, FormsPLUS requires that all forms "belong" to a single project. Forms from the Local Assistance publications that apply to multiple projects (or even no projects at all!) were not included in FormsPLUS.

Other forms are simply too variable or agency-specific to be useful in such a system. Lengthy contracts or resolutions, for example, are more appropriately created by a word processor application.

By limiting included forms to those that fit well into the design of FormsPLUS, it is possible to create an application that is easy to use, and meets the needs of most of most agencies.

Also, realize that this is the first product release. If FormsPLUS is missing a particular form that you think should be included or you want to have any comments or suggestions for FormsPLUS, please send us email at

New Features of FormsPLUS

1. Bugs for import and export forms

The bugs for importing forms was fixed. Bug for exporting forms was found and a temporary solution (which takes long time) is used. The best way for user to export forms is copy all FRM files to another folder.

2. Network version

The current version of FormsPLUS can be used on network, so users can share the data with each other.

3. Updated Form

If a form is updated, user can access/print updated form or print old form.

4. Font adjustment

User can adjust the font size with FormsPLUS. The space in FormsPLUS cannot be adjusted, while the font size can. User can press key "Shift" and click FormsPLUS.exe to open FormsPLUS with admin right (please contact to get password). Then user can adjust font size.

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