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Help with work category codes used for goal setting

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The two files below both contain the definitions and illustrate the relationship between the different identification codes (Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), Work Category Codes (WCC), North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS)), one file is in Filemaker Pro Database and the other file is in Microsoft Excel. Click on one to view and download the particular file. 

Translation File.FP3 (Filemaker Pro Document)

WCDtxt.xls (Excel Document)\


 The Office of Small Business Certification and Resources (OSBCR) issues industry codes to DVBE(s). These industry codes are listed in the Work Category Code section of the Disadvantage Quarterly Directory or the Work Category Code Extract file and are prefixed by the letter "V". Caltrans Work Category Codes do not apply to DVBE(s) listed in the directory because OSBCR codes are different. All questions pertaining to DVBE(s) should be addressed to OSBCR at (916)322-5060.