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Treatment at GuardRail Posts, Thrie Beam Barriers posts, and Sign Posts

  Vegetation Control (Minor Concrete ) Weed Control Mat (Fiber) Weed Control Mat (Rubber) Vegetation Control (Asphalt Composite)
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Minor Concrete Veg Control Fiber Mat Rubber Mat AC Composite
Area(s) of use All Areas All Areas All Areas All Areas
Est. Installed Cost $60 - $100/yd2 $35 - $80/yd2 $20 - $45/yd2 $25 - $40/yd2
Constructability 4 5 4 4
Ease of Repair 6 5 5 5
Context adaptable May be colored to match the site context. Light green color fades to light grey with appearance of concrete. Variable, may be colored in the manufacturing process. Gray matches asphalt or concrete. Can embed match soil in surface.
Life Cycle (years) 20+ 20+ 20+ 15-20
Consult with Maint., L. Arch Maint. Maint., L. Arch L. Arch, Maint.
Comments Required for new guardrail and thrie beam barrier. Preferred application is on new guardrail with material placement after post installation and before rail installation. Repair and replacement can be conducted by Maintenance crews with existing equipment.

Probably the most cost effective product, considering the full life-cycle cost.

Preferred application is existing guardrail with long life plans, new guardrail if minor concrete not optimal. Requires installation above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Updated: Wednesday, May 24, 2012