California Department of Transportation


Landscape Architecture PS&E Preparation Guide

Caltrans PS&E Guide

Planting and Irrigation Guidance

The Landscape Architecture PS&E Guide, January 2008 (US Customary Units) replaces the Landscape Architecture Standards Manual (Metric). This guide provides information specific to preparing Planting and Irrigation Plans, Specifications and Estimates. Additionally, this Guide provides design guidance and time-saving tools such as checklists, Do’s and Don’ts, and conversion tables.

Caltrans Plant Setback and Spacing Guide

Additional Planting and Irrigation guidance is available in the Project Development Procedures Manual.

Water Conservation Guidance

Guidance on conserving water during the drought is available on the Water Conservation web page.

Erosion Control and Source COntrol Guidance

This interim Notice of Termination Design Guidance will assist with documenting Construction General Permit compliance for the final stabilization portion of all projects requiring Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) as it relates to permanent erosion control at Construction Contract Acceptance (CCA).

Additional Erosion Control guidance is available online in the Erosion Conrol Toolbox.