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Landscape Construction Inspection Training

Construction Inspection

This training has been adapted from the Landscape Inspection classroom training originally developed in 2009 for Caltrans' Construction Division. It has been modified for on-line presentation, and updated to reflect current practices and standards. This training module includes the PowerPoint slides and speaker notes from the classroom training. This presentation condenses information presented in the accompanying Landscape Inspection Manual. As you proceed through the presentation, please refer to the Landscape Inspection Manual for detailed training information.


Landscape Inspection Manual

Landscape Inspection Training

The Landscape Inspection Manual has been updated to be compatible with a web-based presentation format rather than classroom delivery. Content has been update to reflect current standards. Students will learn basic principles of landscaping so that they can better understand, inspect, and administer landscape construction projects. This training provides insight into the issues that most commonly cause problems during the landscape construction inspection process.


Landscape Inspection Videos

The videos below highlight key concepts from the Landscape Inspection Manual and the Landscape Inspection Training presentations above.




Updated: August 11, 2014