California Department of Transportation

Visual Impact Assessment Memo


Caltrans is currently evaluating new guidance on Visual Impact Assessments (VIAs), recently released by FHWA. While the new guidance is under review, Caltrans will continue to use the existing VIA instructions, training, and templates located on the Caltrans Division of Design-Landscape Architecture Program (LAP) website and the Division of Environmental Analysis (DEA) website.  Any new Caltrans VIA guidance that is developed will be announced through a Policy Memorandum and posted on the LAP and DEA websites.


Visual Impact Assessment


This VIA website will help you develop a Visual Impact Assessment bu addressing two main topic areas:

VIA Questionaire

Questions that will help you determine a level of VIA documentation that is thorough, concise and defensible.

Online Training

A three-module on-line presentation on how to develop visual impact assessments for highway projects.





Updated: Nov 16, 2015