California Department of Transportation

Safety Research

worker safety

The design of the roadside environment is studied to provide the safest transportation system for users and workers.

Effective Application of Traffic Calming Techniques, Preliminary Investigation, 2011

This Preliminary Investigation aims to synthesize federal and state design guidance on traffic calming, the potential for success of various traffic calming measures given the current body of research, and the experience of other states in addressing the legal and policy matters associated with implementing traffic calming techniques.

Strategic Recommendations - Safety Roadside Rest Area Master Plan, 2011

Following completion of the 2009 Reduce Accidents Involving Driver Fatigue and the 2008 Private/Public Partnership Strategies for Safety Roadside Rest Areas studies, this study presents strategic planning recommendations for the planning, funding and development of additional improvements to the Safety Roadside Rest Area Master Plan.

Trees and Highway Safety, Preliminary Investigation, 2010

This preliminary investigation aims to identify the state of the practice in the setting of clear recovery zones on freeways and conventional highways.

Evaluation of the Gateway Monuments Demonstration Program: Safety, Economic and Social Impact Analysis, 2009

This research seeks to quantify the impacts of The Gateway Monuments Demonstration Program and how such signs affect highway safety as well as how they contribute to the local economy, community image and sense of place.

Reduce Accidents Involving Driver Fatigue, 2009

This study quantifies and analyzes accidents in which fatigue was cited as a primary or contributing factor within specified route segments and points to potential actions that may be considered to reduce these accidents.

Public/Private Partnership Strategies for Safety Roadside Rest Areas

This study presents a strategic action plan and a business plan to contract with private partners who would maintain and participate in, or fully fund, development of new safety roadside rest areas in exchange for the right to sell grants and services in these rest areas.