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Fiber Rolls

Fiber Rolls

What is This Treatment?

Fiber rolls consist of straw, flax or similar materials inserted into a tubular net.

Where to Use This Treatment?

Place on erodible slope faces at regular intervals, and at the slope top, toe, and at grade breaks, aligning fiber rolls with the slope contours.

Compost socks are typically spaced as follows:

  • 10 feet apart for slopes steeper than 2:1 (horizontal:vertical)
  • 15 feet apart for slopes from 2:1 to 4:1 (horizontal:vertical)
  • 20 feet apart for slopes from 4:1 to 10:1 (horizontal:vertical)
  • 50 feet apart for slopes flatter than 10:1 (horizontal:vertical)

For additional guidance regarding placing fiber rolls, contact your District Stormwater Coordinator and the Storm Water Quality Handbook - Project Planning and Design Guide (May 2007).


  • Reduces slope length.

  • Reduces stormwater runoff volume and velocity.

  • Intercepts runoff and releases it as sheet flow.

  • Reduces the amount of sediment in runoff.


  • Maintenance required to remove sediment and repair or replace damaged fiber rolls.
  • Difficult to install on steep or rocky slopes.
  • Fiber rolls will not solve slope stability problems.


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Updated 09-09-2015