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The Sediment Source COntrol Handbook (IERS)

IERS Sediment Source COntrol handbook

Roadside Revegetation (Western Federal Lands)

Roadside Revegetation

Sustainable Sites Initiative (ASLA)

Sustainable Sites


Puget Sound Puget Sound LID Manual - Good data regarding calculating the correct amount of compost to avoid over-amending soils and techniques to avoid the leaching of nitrate to groundwater.

Caltrans erosion Control Guide From the 1940S

Erosion Control Guide California, a wrinkled ribbon of land more than 800 miles long lying between the high Sierras and the Pacific Ocean, stretches from the humid forested zone characteristic of the Pacific Northwest to arid northern Mexico, and ranges in elevation from below sea level to more than 14,000 feet. Climatic variations are extreme, as might be expected, and erosion control problems vary correspondingly. Many different types of control have, therefore, been found to be necessary.

The purpose of this publication is to discuss the variable factors associated with erosion which affect California roadsides, review the development of erosion control methods by the State Division of Highways, and describe erosion control processes now being employed with reasonable success to stabilize slopes on California state highways.

Oregon DOT Biofiltration Guidance

Oregon DOT Biofiltration Guidance This document is an attempt to compile the best available information on the design of bioswales and vegetated filter strips. It is not a design manual, but a practical guide based on experience and knowledge of sites that implemented these BMPs,
providing useful feedback on what works and does not work.

Infiltration Through Disturbed Soils (US EPA)

EPA Study This project examined a common, but poorly understood problem associated with land development, namely the modifications made to soil structure and the associated reduced rainfall infiltration and increased runoff.