Quarterly Reports

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Monitoring requirements in both the 23 USC 326 CE Assignment and 23 USC 327 NEPA Assignment MOUs require Caltrans to report annually to FHWA. Under the 23 USC 327 MOU, Caltrans must provide the FHWA California Division a report every 12 months that lists any approvals and decisions Caltrans has made with respect to its responsibilities under part 3 of the MOU. The 23 USC 326 CE Assignment MOU requires Caltrans to provide a list of Categorical Exclusion (CE) determinations and Section 4(f) evaluations and determinations that it approves in each annual reporting period. To reduce the amount of effort required for each reporting period and to maintain a current list of approvals under NEPA Assignment, the Caltrans prepares these reports on a quarterly basis.

Contact Information

Tammy Massengale, Office Chief GNEIS
Phone: 916-653-5157

Michael Ferrini, NEPA Assignment Statewide Team Leader
Phone: 916-653-0974

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