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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please note that the faqs will be updated frequently. Check back often.

How do I publish my maps on the web to share them with other stakeholders?

There two ways to publish and share your maps on the web. One way is to contact the DEA GIS staff to request the development of a web-based GIS application. Upon completion of the GIS application you can share the application's web address with other stakeholders. The second way is to use the free ESRI's web-based applications by uploading your map service and share with our stakeholders. These applications are called ArcGIS Map Viewer and ArcGIS Explorer Online. Video tutorials for the use of each of these applications is available on the tutorials website.

I have a GIS layer. How can I view it?

There are several ways to view a GIS layer. Here are some of the options:
Request to install any of the software listed below on your workstation by initiating an IT ticket.

  • ArcView. The department has limited licenses for this ESRI software. Info for the software can be found here.
  • ArcGIS Explorer Desktop and ArcReader. These are free viewers offered by ESRI. Info for the software can be found here.

By using these applications, you can also import the free basemaps provided by ESRI or any other public GIS services.

I need a customized GIS map. What are my options?
Contact the Division's GIS staff to discuss your needs.

What are the services published by the DEA GIS server?

A list of the DEA GIS services are posted at:
By selecting one of the posted services, the list of all fields and other metadata info for the selected service are displayed.

What is the difference between the maps posted on this DEA GIS website with the maps posted by the Google Earth application offered by the Division of Transportation System Information (TSI)?

The DEA GIS website illustrates GIS web-based applications that are developed using the Adobe Flex API and the ESRI's ArcGIS server. ESRI in most of the cases utilizes the Microsoft Bing Maps for the background imagery. Since the GIS applications posted by DEA are web-based, no installation is required. Google Earth (GE) is a desktop application that it requires the installation of the Google Earth software on the workstation. The GE is based on Google maps and it hosted by the Division of Transportation System Information. For more information on the Google Earth application click here.

Who do I contact in DEA for GIS related questions?

The GIS coordinator for the Division of Environmental Analysis is Lefteris Koumis.