Contracts for Environmental Services

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    These staff develop and administer contracts for the technical and professional services necessary to support various Environmental Program functions.

    Firms wishing to work for Caltrans should be aware of the following facts:

    • The Caltrans Administrative Service Center Office of Service Contracts handles the paperwork for all contracts, environmental or otherwise. All Caltrans contracts are advertised by the Caltrans Office of Service Contracts. All questions about a particular contract MUST be directed to the Office of Service Contracts. For additional information on a particular Request for Qualifications (RFQ), which includes a description of work, Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) submittal requirements, and information on Caltrans pre-award procedures, please call 916-227-6000. Click here to access A&E contracts currently being advertised.
    • All state contracts for environmental services are advertised via California State Contracts Register, which is maintained by the Department of General Services. The CSCR is available ONLY via the internet. The printed version ceased publication in June, 1996.
    • Caltrans no longer maintains a Consultant Register.

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