Biology Specifications

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Caltrans biologists spend considerable time and energy identifying natural resources that are important to California, working with internal and external partners to avoid, minimize or compensate for impacts that could or will result from a transportation project. A critical step in the project development process is translating any commitments made in environmental documents or conditions that are included in any Permit, License, Agreement or Certification (PLAC) into the construction contract.

This is done by first including the PLACs in the construction contract and then any conditions that are not clear and concise are further clarified through Standard Special Provisions which are also made part of the construction contract and are designed to fully inform the contractor and aid the engineer in monitoring compliance with PLACs.

Contact Information

Jennifer Gillies, Office Chief of Biological Studies
Phone: 916-653-6976

Amy Bailey, Office Chief of Strategic Biological Planning, Advance Mitigation and Innovation
Phone: 916-651-8166

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