Biological Research

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Staff are currently conducting the following research related to fairy shrimp, vernal pools, and the potential aquatic toxicity of asphaltic materials.

The goal of the Working Group is to reach agreement on: 1) The nature and extent of knowledge about the current scientific basis for underwater noise effects on fish, 2) Interim guidelines for project assessment, mitigation, and monitoring for effects of pile-driving noise on fish species, and; 3) Future scientific research needed to satisfactorily resolve uncertainties regarding hydroacoustic impacts on fish species.

California Rapid Assessment Methodology (CRAM)

Caltrans is currently conducting a study to address current knowledge gaps associated with the California Rapid Assessment Methodology for assessing wetlands and wadeable streams (CRAM). Study development should include consideration of application to the Caltrans Biology, Stormwater, and Water Quality programs.

Contact: Sean Marquis

Contact Information

Jennifer Gillies, Office Chief of Biological Studies
Phone: 916-653-6976

Amy Bailey, Office Chief of Strategic Biological Planning, Advance Mitigation and Innovation
Phone: 916-651-8166

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