Advance Mitigation

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Advance Mitigation is a means of strategically conducting compensatory mitigation on a regional/landscape scale with the intent of streamlining transportation project delivery, contributing to furthering regional conservation goals and objectives, improving environmental outcomes, and ensuring regulatory compliance.  Advance mitigation is a planning intensive process that anticipates compensatory mitigation needs by estimating the impacts of planned transportation projects, consolidating impacts within the same watershed or ecoregion, and then defining an advance mitigation project that is delivered independently of, and in advance of, the planned transportation projects that are intended to use the compensatory mitigation.

Section 35 of the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 established the Advance Mitigation Program (Streets and Highways Code Section 800) within Caltrans, which oversees the planning, delivery, implementation, and tracking of advance mitigation projects.

Contact Information

Jennifer Gillies, Office Chief of Biological Studies
Phone: 916-653-6976

Amy Bailey, Office Chief of Strategic Biological Planning, Advance Mitigation and Innovation
Phone: 916-651-8166

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