Office of Planning, Policy and Program Development (OPPPD)

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The Office of Planning, Policy and Program Development is responsible for deployment support, systems analysis, ITS decision support, policy and planning research, public transportation and modal research, research programming, data analysis and reporting, and State and Federal reporting. We also provide information for the decision-making process and to comply with Federal and State laws, regulations, and mandates.

What We Do

  • Support the Research and Deployment Advisory Committee (RDAC) and the Program Steering Committees (PSCs).
  • Manage the Preliminary Investigations (PI) Program.
  • Oversee the DRISI Strategic Plan Activities
  • Manage the research portfolio and the University Transportation Center Program.
  • Coordinate, compile, and report transportation data and information.
  • Report Section 500 Reports to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

OPPPD Branches

Jahangir Kashkooli, Chief
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(916) 227-5659

We focus on providing data analysis and reporting to enable decision makers and system users to access quality transportation information and make informed decisions. Some of our work:

  • Caltrans Fact Booklet (CFB)

    Collect and organize transportation data and information into an annual concise pocket-sized reference booklet for use by executives public information officers, and others throughtout the state to find important information when needed.

  • Data Library

    Coordinate, research, and populate the transportation system data library, creating reports to better illustrate the data while answering many data-rich questions for our customers.

  • Federal Reporting (Section 500 Reports)

    Collaborate with local, regional, and state agencies to report highway-related income and expenditures to the Federal Highway Administration for use in Federal publications and governing funds allocation to California.

  • State Data Reporting

    Collaborate with state, local, and Federal agencies and local jurisdictions to publish State and county transportation, demographic, and socio-economic data in the California Quick Facts electronic publications.

Tyler Monson, Acting Chief
Email Tyler Monson
(916) 227-6305

We provide support for developing key policy decisions by addressing critical transportation issues, environmental needs, and forming a better understanding of travel behavior and the relationship between transportation and land use.

  • New and Improved Products and Services

    Champion new and improved products and services to be used in the planning and policy areas of transportation research.

  • Planning and Policy Research

    Conduct innovative research, develop practical applications, introduce deployable products, and facilitate the transfer of technology for planning and policy research.

  • Preliminary Investigations and Policy Briefs

    Partner with our internal and external customers and stakeholders to deliver high quality transportation research preliminary investigations, policy briefs, and projects.

Tori Kanzler, Chief
Email Tori Kanzler

(916) 227-6218

Our team coordinates the research selection process. We work with DRISI, the Research and Deployment Advisory Committee (RDAC), the Program Steering Committees (PSCs) and Technical Advisory Panels (TAPs) to evaluate, prioritize and select new research. We also advertise the Call for Submissions (CFS) as a service to DRISI Project Managers in soliciting research proposals from academic institutions. The branch is also responsible for coordinating the Preliminary Investigation process.

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