Office of Data Services and Technology (ODST)

ODST Acting Chief, Mandy Chu
Email Juan Araya
(916) 653-2575

The Office of Data Services and Technology is the focal point for all GIS activities in the Department including strategic planning, enterprise deployment, spatial data development, cartographic products, training needs, software purchases, and development of GIS applications. The office also specializes in communicating and sharing transportation research results within Caltrans and with the larger transportation community.

What We Do

  • Publish and Maintain the Caltrans Linear Referencing System;
  • Maintain the Caltrans GIS Data Library;
  • Coordinate and publish the Caltrans Web Map Gallery;
  • Manage the implementation and deployment of statewide GIS activities for Caltrans;
  • Create and implement enterprise GIS systems and services;
  • Lead the coordination of GIS activities at Caltrans;
  • Manage technology transfer communicating and sharing transportation research results; and
  • Provide research deployment training, expertise, and project specific guidance and mentoring.

ODST Branches

Our responsibilities include GIS oversight and planning.

We maintain the Caltrans State Highway System linear referencing services and the local roads linear referencing services.

Our responsibilities include communicating the value of transportation research. Sharing research results is a critical step in facilitating technology transfer and implementing innovative solutions to transportation challenges.

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