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DRISI Information Portal

  • Where did DRISI come from?
    DRISI was formed from the merging of two smaller divisions: the Division of Transportation System Information and the Division of Research and Innovation. Six of our offices and our Chief, Jim Appleton, are located in the Veteran's Affairs Building on 13th and O streets while two of our offices, Office of Data Services and Technology, and Office of Highway System Information and Performance, are located at the Caltrans Headquarters building at 1120 N Street.
  • Where can I find Freeway Information, Highway Miles, and VMT data?
    HPMS Public Road Data from the HPMS Data Library - Statistical Information derived from the Highway Performance Monitoring System
  • What kind of Research do you do?
    Transportation research plays a critical role in enabling the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to provide for the efficient, safe, and environmentally sensitive movement of people and goods in a rapidly changing global economy. The Division of Research, Innovation and System Information (DRISI) is responsible for coordinating and managing research within Caltrans. More on DRISI functional research areas...
  • What are you researching right now?
    Research Notes provide an overview of research in progress to a general audience. Released at the beginning of a research task, the notes describe the research need, methodology, goal, benefits, milestones, and next steps.More on DRISI current research notes...

Our GIS Office is the focal point for all GIS activities in the Department.

This office collects and analyzes report statistics related to the fiscal status, physical and geometric extent, performance, and designation of the State's roadway systems. More...

Transportation research helps Caltrans to continue find the best ways to provide efficient, safe, and environmentally sensitive movement of people and goods in our state and helps us add valuable findings to research throughout the world. DRISI coordinates and manages research within Caltrans. Shown below are the main DRISI functional research areas. More...

Preliminary Investigations are literature reviews that provide a comprehensive overview of historical and existing national and international research and best practices for defined research needs. More information...
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