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Updated 10/11/2018

Welcome to the Caltrans Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Contracts web page. This page offers links to documents and other information to assist consultants.

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A&E Contracting Process - Procuring A&E Contracts


What's New?

Conflict of Interest Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest Form for A&E was revised on 6/13/18.

Fee and Escalation – Fee and Escalation have been adjusted to reflect the current economy in California. The process for calculating fee continues to meet the criteria requirements outlined in 23 CFR 172.11, while the escalation rates are tied to wage and salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

New Multiphase Contracts – New Multiphase contracts will use the existing consultant selection and overall procurement process.


New and Upcoming A&E Advertisements

Alert: IT Scam
CHP is currently investigating a scam aimed at obtaining vendor credentials. Please be aware that the authentic website for contracts with the State of California is Cal eProcure. This scam directs users to another site and may appear to email Laurie Berman.

The following contracts have been listed with Cal eProcure. For the most current information, please visit Cal eProcure as this list may not be complete.

The following A&E Advertisements are planned to be advertised in the next 5 business/working days:
District Type of Work Estimated Amount Description of Work, Outreaches & Changes New or Replacement Service
11 A & E On-Call Hazardous Waste services, on an "as-needed" basis within District 11. $6,632,916 The consultant shall provide expertise in Hazardous Waste which is required to meet Project Approval/Environmental Document milestones. Replacement


The following A&E Advertisements have been posted on Cal eProcure:
Title Event ID Dept. Code SOQ Due Date
A&E On-Call Striping Inventory Services 56A0576 2660 10/16/18 @ 3:00 PM, PST
A&E Design and Related Project Development Support Services 53A0225 2660 10/16/18 @ 3:00 PM, PST
A&E On-Call Roadway Design, Hydraulics Engineering Services, Landscape Architecture Services, and related Project Development Services for 2 projects on SR-1 12A1756 2660 10/24/18 @ 3:00 PM, PST
A&E On-Call Independent Cost Estimator for University Maze Project 53A0228 2660 10/24/18 @ 3:00 PM, PST
A&E – Environmental Generalist Services 07A4602 2660 10/30/18 @ 3:00 PM, PST
A&E On-Call Structure Design Support Services/D-4 59A1072 2660 10/29/18 @ 3:00 PM, PST

Caltrans Division of Audits and Investigations

Caltrans Division of Audits and Investigations provides the following information:

Announcement to Transportation Contracting Industry Partners and Stakeholders--June 22, 2012

AASHTO'S Audit Guide

Caltrans Letter Regarding Revised Audit Guide

AASHTO Audit Guide


The Department adopted regulations establishing procedures for selection of private architects and engineers. For text see:
CA Code Regulations; Title 21, Public Works; Division 2, Department of Transportation; Chapter 12, Selection Process for Private Architectural and Engineering Firms

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Safe Harbor Indirect Cost Rates (SHR)

Cost Proposal Documents

On-Call Construction Inspection/Surveying Contracts
Instructions and loaded billing rate calculations & explanations relate to the 3 cost proposal templates that follow:

Direct Labor Method of Accounting

Other Direct Cost Method of Accounting

Indirect Method of Accounting

Cost Proposal Non-Prevailing Wage

Schedule of Other Direct Costs

Invoice Forms and Instructions

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Department of Transportation
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